I won a Drinkmate Home Carbonation System!

Good fortune came my way a month or so after the Housewares Show in March of this year. I got an email saying I had won a drawing and that my prize would be arriving soon. The next day my doorbell rang and there was a package for me….

Yes! I won a Drinkmate carbonating machine! At first I didn’t know what to carbonate, so I just kept it in the box. But recently, with the temperature being in the 80s, I decided it was time for some nice, carbonated lemonade!

The machine is pretty easy to figure out with the step-by-step instructions. You lift up the back of the device, put in the COcartridge (it screws right in) and then close the back. Next, you put your beverage into the bottle, and screw on the special top that slides into the machine. Finally, you press the button on the top and it forces the carbonation into the liquid. You do this until the machine makes a hissing sound. Then you take it off the machine, depressurize the bottle with a special valve at the top, and then remove the top.Voila! Carbonated lemonade! It came out great. Now, the only thing I did wrong was that I missed the part in the instruction book that said not to use liquid with pulp. I believe this is in order to make cleaning the bottle easier, as you’re not supposed to use a brush to clean the bottle. But I got it cleaned out and a few days later I tried my next experiment: Carbonated Manhattans! 

I made my Manhattans with a 2:1 ratio of bourbon to sweet vermouth, and added a splash of Angostura bitters. I poured my mixture into the bottle, but it didn’t quite reach the fill line. I think this may have caused a problem with the carbonating of the liquid. as it didn’t seem particularly fizzy. During the process it appeared as if the bottle was filled with COgas, rather than the liquid becoming carbonated. I don’t know what I did wrong, so I’ll try it again with a different drink. (There are recipes on the website.) I actually think that what carbonation there was didn’t add anything to the taste of the Manhattan.

The Drinkmate is available at the company’s website and at Amazon.com


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  1. Kelly Whalen July 3, 2017 at 1:42 pm Reply

    Joseph wanted to try this. Thanks for the review!

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