Trends at the Housewares Show–a bit late, but you know, not never…

As I meandered through the Show floor, there were a few trends that caught my eye. First of all, I saw more than a couple booths that had their version of the oh-so-popular Swell(tm) bottle. I would show you pictures, but the booths with them had “No Photography” signs.

The second thing I noticed was the increase in the number of fun kitschy products out there. In previous years it had been only a few, like Kikkerland, and Fred and Friends.

Third trend: Copper, once again, although this time it’s become more and more noticeable.

Fourth trend I noticed was iridescent coloring, but not a light color iridescence, No, the items I saw were dark with bright colors.

Here are some pictures of what I was able to capture:


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