WÜSTHOF and their Fabulous Cheese Knives!

Ok, so the Holidays are finally over for me, and my life has settled down enough to finally get this post up. Just before Christmas I got some fantastic cheese knives from WÜSTHOF and i couldn’t wait till New Year’s Eve to use them to prepare my annual cheese boards. First off, here are my three new knives:

hard cheese knifeParmesan cheese knife

soft cheese knife





From top to bottom you have the hard cheese knife, the Parmesan knife, and the soft cheese knife. The hard cheese knife has two prongs to pick up the cheese after slicing or cubing it. And the first time I saw a soft cheese knife I was wondering, “what’s with the holes?” but I learned that the holes keep the cheese from sticking to the knife (less surface area), plus you can push the cheese through the holes if it does get stuck.

I recommend these knives emphatically for anyone who’s serious about cheese. You need good tools to get the job done! If you’re interested in purchasing the above knives, you can get them in a nice set at Williams Sonoma, or you can buy them individually as well.

And my cheese boards, you ask? See them pictured below, with cracker accompaniment, and little signs on the types of cheese I used. Enjoy!

cheese 2016


cheese 2016-2

cheese 2016-crackers

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