Bamboo and other Compostable Products

I visited a friend recently and she went on a tirade against plastic. Well, do i have some great news for her!


This Australian company produces a line of products that consists of biodegradable tableware, some of which can be reused,  and some of which are disposable. They are made from a variety of natural materials, such as: Palm Leaf (picked from the ground, not from live plants); Corn Starch; Bamboo; and Rice Husks.



When processed, the bamboo plates look just like melamine plastic, but will decompose  when buried in the ground (unlike melamine).  Corn starch products also have a plastic look to them, but can be disposed of and will biodegrade within 6-12 months. Rice husk fibers are processed and made into sturdy plates, bowls, and more. The rice husk dinnerware is even dishwasher safe, as are the pieces in the bamboo and the corn starch lines. While some of the dinnerware looks like plastic, some has a more “natural” look, particularly the pieces made from palm leaf.




There is now a distributor in Florida, so you can contact for more information.

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