A Befuddlement

I’m a lazy librarian today and thought it would be more fun to turn to you, my readers, with this puzzle. See, I’ve got this knife (pictured below); I don’t know where it came from, but it’s in my silverware drawer in the kitchen. I use it on occasion, but I’m sure I’m using it wrong, as I have no idea what its actual purpose is. It’s serrated only on one side, and, as you see, it’s got a thin curved blade. This one is made by Ekco. Any one know what kind of knife this is?


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  1. Penny Williams July 20, 2016 at 7:43 am Reply

    wow! I was looking to see what kind of knife I have been using while visiting my sister, and using “images”, found your query–it is the exact one you have pictured, down to the same handle. I just found a different edition of the same knife by EMCO- hers only says “stainless steel”- on eBay where the same blade is attached to a wooden handle (apparently tanged) and stamped “Fruit and vegetable” knife. It has a 4″ blade. My sister’s one has a total blade length of 4 5/8″ and total length of 8 1/4″, it looks like. (used an old ruler!) hope that helps!

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